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Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2017 – 8th-14th October 2017

Dyspraxia Awareness Week seemed like a good time to start my blog. During the week I wrote a post each day to give an overview of the experience I have had of living with dyspraxia. Click on the link above and you will find the articles I posted each day during Dyspraxia Awareness Week.

The Physical Effects of Dyspraxia on Concentration  Р21st October 2017

In this post I talk about how the simple movements of day to day life needs more concentration to do when you have dyspraxia and how this results in overall worse concentration.

Cognitive Effects of Dyspraxia on Concentration – Part 2.1 – 22nd June 2018

In this post I write about how processing the outside world through our senses can impact our concentration.

Cognitive Effects of Dyspraxia on concentration – Part 2.2 – 29th June 2018

This weeks post is about how the inside of a dyspraxics mind is a distracting and tiring place to be. All of which contributes to having bad concentration.

A Guide to Self Care – 6th July

Obsessions Part 1 – Controlling my Environment – 13th July 2018

Obsessions Part 2 – Obsessing Over a Topic/Idea –¬† 21st July 2018

Importance of Routine – 27th July 2018

Preparing for a Holiday – 3rd August 2018

Travelling on Holiday – 10th August 2018